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Solemn Statement 

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Recently, we have learned that a company in Jiangsu province, has formally mentioned us, Goldensign International Technology Co., Ltd, on its official website, slandering our indoor & outdoor printer, Dazzle-jet, with Epson dx5 print head, as a plagiary; therefore, we declare solemnly as follows:

Firstly, our Dazzle-jet printer, with Epson dx5 print head, we’ve released on our official website, major domestic and international B2B website, and domestic & international distributors, is independent of our own design, research & development, mass production and marketing promotion. Compared with printer of the company in Jiangsu province, ours are completely different from printer appearance and core technology.

1.Control System: Our company adopt completely different ink jet printing control technology,really achieve the Pass Feather and Changeable Ink Dot technology, which make the printing work more delicate and verisimilitude.

2.Electrical System and components: We designed the electrical system by ourselves,we all adopt the advanced domestic Leisai digital servo driver.

3.Physical construction: Our printer adopt our autonomous complete aluminum framework structure design, we all use molding forming for the equipment beam and working table, to ensure the precision and stability.

4.Appearance Design: To match up our aluminum framework structure,our company designed the Fashionable,Curve and Steady equipment appearance independently,and we will not stop improving our appearance design on demand.

Secondly, we highly appreciate wise competitive behavior and fair critics from our competitors and partners; however, we firmly oppose such terrible slander like the company in Jiangsu province. We sincerely hope that this company stops their alleged illegal behavior immediately. Meanwhile, we hereby declare to reserve the right to resort to law.

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